For Developers

Too many slideshow plugins require significant manual configuration and editing along with managing a number of source files and assets. 1Page favors simplicity over all else. The 1Page Gallery requires deployment of 1 PHP file, 1 build script, and a zip file of your high resolution images.

Simply add the index.php, build script, and a zip of your high resolution images and a simple, elegant jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP photo gallery will be auto-magically generated. Advanced users can of course skip the zip and build step and manually create their images/ and thumbs/ directories.

For Photographers

Give every client their very own gallery to display the beautiful images from your shoot. Stop using ugly, online file-sharing services that are designed by hackers for ancient enterprises and give all clients an easier way to share your beautiful work with your next best client. Simply deploy the gallery and share the link with your customer for each session and they will share their unique link with friends and family driving traffic and interest to your site.