Stephen Parker

What I Do

I build systems that help businesses make better decisions and improve efficiency by molding fuzzy requirements and simple conversations into secret weapons.

About Me

Hi! I'm Stephen Parker, a consultant application developer and software engineer based in Jacksonville, FL. I have 17 years experience designing and maintaining web-based business solutions for customers of all sizes. My experience includes shipping $20+ million hardware-software systems and saving previous employers an average of over $1.42 million per year in ongoing process improvements and hard-cost savings since 2010.

I have built web applications and real-time systems used by multinational manufacturing and technology clients, collegiate teams from Columbia University to UC Berkeley, foreign and domestic militaries, nuclear power plants, and one of the largest financial-services companies in the world.

I specialize in upgrading legacy business systems and am available as a part-time consultant and systems expert to get your critical system running again and ready for the modern web.

I love proving what a well-designed technical solution can bring to businesses of all sizes.

Automation & process improvement
Custom application development
Server deployment & administration

Custom UI design
Custom API & 3rd party integration
Emergency legacy service restoration



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Stephen is always looking for ways to pull expertise he has from other experiences and industries into our situations to make them better or more efficient.

Stephen delivered great results. Stephen and his company was highly responsive, took feedback and provided corrections in a very timely manner. His handwritten code was clear, logical and understandable. On a personal note, Stephen is friendly and inquisitive, and exactly the kind of self-motiviated individual who is a good fit.

Stephen is an incredibly dedicated worker, and has demonstrated over and over again his ability to get the job done, no matter the requirements. When I worked with Stephen I was amazed by the broad range of his skills.

Stephen took the initiative to develop a methodology that in the past was not possible.

He is exceptionally well prepared in a range of technical matters. He is very articulate and yet concise. He is detail oriented, motivated and a overall a very capable software engineer. It would be a pleasure to work with him anytime in future.

Contact Me

I'm available for new projects beginning in October 2024 – I'd love to hear about yours and how I can help!